rental rent‧al [ˈrentl] noun
1. [singular, uncountable] FINANCE payment made for the use of a car, equipment etc for a period of time:

• The first month's rental on every pager is free of charge.

2. [countable, uncountable] COMMERCE an arrangement by which something is rented for a period of time:

• the money he had spent on car rental

• The rates for computer rentals drop swiftly as the equipment ages.

• We have reduced our equipment rental costs by 14%.

ˈfleet ˌrental [countable, uncountable] COMMERCE
an arrangement in which a company rents all the cars it uses from the same company at a special rate
3. [countable] especially AmE something that you can rent, especially a house or car:

• The supply of available rentals in the area is way down.

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rental UK US /ˈrentəl/ noun COMMERCE
[C or U] an arrangement to rent something for a period of time, or the act of renting something: »

equipment rental


a car rental business/company/firm


The company has recently seen a decline in DVD rentals.


The regulation applies to contracts for the sale or rental of goods or services.

[C or U] (US also rent) the amount of money that you pay to rent something for a period of time: »

an annual/monthly/weekly rental of ...


Office rentals start at about $800 dollars per month for one room.


Although the price of calls has fallen, telephone line rentals continue to increase.

[C] US something such as a house or a car that you can rent: »

The car turned out to be a rental from DFW Airport.


A number of properties are available as short-term rentals.

See also FLEET -RENTAL(Cf. ↑fleet -rental)
rental UK US /ˈrentəl/ adjective COMMERCE, PROPERTY
relating to rent, to renting something, or to something that has been rented: »

the rental market


a rental agreement


They also own a commercial property that provides rental income.


a rental car

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